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kandigurl's Journal

Your Face
7 May 1984

Well, it is 2017 which means I've been using LJ with all of the paid features (and then some) for ABSOLUTELY FREE for about two years now.

Honestly, I'm really impressed as all shit that LJ is still around.

I kind of wish I had all the iterations of this bio page I've made over the years, along with my journal entries, because that would be interesting to go look at.

Anyway, bios are SILLY, who reads them anyway? I exist and I post to LJ from time to time when I remember it exists. I keep thinking one day it'll be just like old times and I'll spend all my time here, but, you know. Peanut arms.
abba, aerosmith, almost famous, animaniacs, arrested development, b52's, babymimi, banter, being a nerd, being-slighty-disconcerted-by-anime, bif naked, bikram yoga, bitter&smoking!harry potter, bookstores, bubble wrap, buffy, candles, catcher in the rye, cats, cedar point, celtic music, chasing amy, cheese, cheese enchiladas, cheesecake, cherry limeade soda, chicken, christmas, computer geeks, corsets, crocheting, dance dance revolution, daria, ddr, dinosaur comics, disco, discworld, disney's robin hood, dogs are yucky, doilies, donnie darko, dr pepper, dreaming, dublin dr pepper, duct tape, edward gorey, fairy tales, fantasy, feet, firefly, games, ghost world, glenn beck, good omens, halloween, halloween parties in movies, hanson, harry potter, highway pirates, hitchhiker's guide, hogwarts elite, hooping, hufflepuff, human oddities, impractical shoes, in watermelon sugar, insincere clapping, interests-with-more-than-four-words, joss whedon, just-like-michael-jackson-did, kevin smith, kicking ant hills, kilts, kittens, knitting, korn, left nostrils, linkin park, llamas, love, making compilation tapes, making zines, man true, marcy playground, meat, memento, millennium force, mixtapes, money, monty python, movies, mrs. hicks, mst3k, music, my-cat-is-so-freaking-cute, nanowrimo, needfire, new jersey, nightmare before christmas, no doubt, not bunnies, obese pets, pants, pants the musical, paying-for-things-with-change, pizza, pogs, poking people, ponies, ponls, potatos, programming, quidditch, rasputina, redwall, renfairs, richard brautigan, roller coasters, scarborough faire, seven nations, skittles, sleeping, small bottles, smart people on ice, snoods, solving kinko's mysteries, spoons, synthetic hair, taping shows obsessively, terry pratchett, the iron giant, the killdares, the princess bride, the princess diaries, the royal tennenbaums, they might be giants, things, thrill rides, torchwood, wal-mart at midnight, weird al, weirdness, winner fake all, wizard of oz, word fill-in puzzles, world of warcraft, yarn, you thanked hitler, your mom, zines