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Real Job

Well, I've had a "real job" at Papa John's for two weeks now and I'm already over it. Mostly because I'm on my period and LUCKILY I got cramps yesterday when I was off work and we'd gotten home from the vending show, so I didn't have to deal with them at work...but it's a reminder that I COULD in the coming months have to deal with cramps at work, and THAT IS LESS THAN IDEAL.

Also the fact that it's Sunday, and as of right now, I have no idea what my schedule is for the week after today, and I have to leave for my final scheduled shift of the week in ten minutes, which means that until I'm able to quit, I won't be able to schedule plans with anyone more than a week in advance.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, I was able to budget all the funds we need for the week, with $14 to spare.


What's a bit of soul-selling for the sake of paid bills?

I'm hoping to get my Jess Hoops plans up and running by the end of the month, and see how well that goes. Ideally, I won't be at this job for very long, but I'm trying not to have a shitty mentality about it, despite the shitty post I just made. Pretend what I'm actually saying is "I'M DOING MY BEST TO HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE."


I'm grateful I was able to acquire this job without jumping through the hoops of the job search. (PUN INTENDED???????)

I'm grateful this job understands I run another job that takes priority, and I was able to get yesterday off no-questions-asked to go hock my hoops.

I'm grateful the bills are covered because that shit is stressful.

Now to put on my monkey suit and make pizzas for people who feel the need to call corporate because they only got one Parmesan packet instead of three. At least their father isn't dying, like the angry customers from my last job. And at least I have enough experience with angry customers at this point in my life that I can laugh internally while playing the "I'm so sorry, what can we do to fix it?" game out loud.
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Today I actually sold some hoops, which is great.

And tomorrow, I get my hands on the BRAND NEW TWILIGHT BOOK.


Smeyers wrote the exact same stories but with the genders swapped. So the "Bella" character is a boy named "Beau" and the "Edward" character is a girl named "Edythe".


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I am posting because I have re-self-imposed the rule of posting when something brings me back to LJ, be it a comment or someone reminding me that LJ exists.

Today I was very responsible. I announced the winner for the hoop contest I was running and I contacted my mailing list about it. 74 people have opened said e-mail and 10 of those people have clicked on things in it. THANKS FOR THE STATS, MAILCHIMP, YOU WIN THE INTERNET.

I don't think I've mentioned here yet that I finally signed up for Leonie Dawson's Business Academy thing. Which is basically just a monthly fee you pay to have access to all of her courses and FB group and anything else she doles out by way of advice or help over the course of your membership. She was running a sale last month and it was finally affordable enough for me to bite the bullet and go for it.

So now I'm learning all these THINGS about BUSINESSING and I've got a billion IDEAS and I'm trying to DO some of them. Most of these things revolve around actually setting up my website and turning it into a decent, functional, navigable thing that isn't lying around on Wordpress, sad and neglected.

Unfortunately, my friend who was theoretically building my website for me four years ago had some e-mails get lost in the shuffle of e-mail land and lost the rights to, which we both totally failed for months to remember to transfer over to me.

So now I'm in this waiting game of checking every day to see if it's available again. It could be available this week. It might not be available until a month from now. I DON'T KNOW ISN'T THAT FUN?

In the meantime, I'm super motivated to consolidate all the things onto one site, and print up promotional materials with proper links so that everything points to the right place, but I can't do that.

It sucks extra hard because I feel like I have an idea that could help me earn some extra, slightly more passive income. And sales are slow as balls right now, because a) It's not festival season, and b) a bunch of shops have popped up charging basically the cost of materials for hoops, and they're getting practically allllllllll the hoop sales. I honestly don't know how much of an effect the pop up shops are having on my sales, but all of my fellow hoop making friends are experiencing pitiful sales of late as well.

SO I'M TRYING NOT TO PANIC. I'm going to keep doing my best to implement what business I can while things are slow, because what else can I do? We have enough money to get us through to next month, but after that, I really need to come up with some sort of Hail Mary business pass, or suck it up and get a holiday job maybe. Green not working means I'm carrying us, and I can't do that on shitty sales.
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Also, I've begun seeing this when I scroll all the way to the bottom of LJ. I'm pretty sure it's LJ's way of saying, "JESUS CHRIST WE STOPPED USING THIS SITE LAYOUT OVER A DECADE AGO WILL YOU STOP TRYING TO KEEP MAKING IT HAPPEN."

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Or not to retrograde

Scrolling through my FL yesterday showed a lot of folks thrilled and happy about life, which would fly DIRECTLY IN THE FACE of this retrograde nonsense. How can one be happy when Mercury appears to be moving backwards? WHAT SORT OF PLANETARY WIZARD ARE YOU???

Anyway, I still feel vaguely shitty about the friend stuff, but I'll get over it. I think it's more like a general life malaise I've been battling for some time now. I did some exercising last night to get my body moving and sweat flowing, and I'll try to keep up with that because I know I feel better when I do the body moving thing on a regular basis. It's just so much easier to NOT do the things I know make me feel better, you know?

WHY YOU GOTTA BE LIKE THAT, LIFE??? Why not make eating a candy bar have the same effect as exercising daily? *glares at life*
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There's been an LJI friending frenzy, so I should probably post to make it look like I do that!

I really have been posting a lot more in the past year or so, but honestly, that could mean anything from "daily" to "once every two weeks".

VEDA's coming up and I'm not sure if I'm going to do it - it's REALLY hard, I'm finding, to make videos when Green is home all the time. I got so used to having chunks of time where she was at work and I could take my time setting up, doing it anywhere, and acting the fool.

Now with us both working at home, space to vlog is limited, time to vlog is limited, and desire to vlog is SEVERELY limited because I haaaaaaaaaaate doing it in front of other people.

Whine whine whine, #firstworldproblems.

Anyway, I have jumped back into novel revision after another three month delay. (I'm working through Holly Lisle's "How To Revise Your Novel" course, because after years of attempting to revise my own novels, I decided I want someone to hold my hand through it at least once.)

I FINALLY finished lesson five today. It took me a little over a week, but I didn't work on it every single day.

I've read lesson 6, and I'm pretty confused by it. I really like Holly's course so far, and I'm trying to trust the process, but this lesson feels like it has really vague instructions and I'm not entirely sure what to do. Which is frustrating when I want to be given very specific instructions. So I guess I'll spend some time poking around on the forums and attempting to come up with a battle plan, then charging in. As long as I don't take a 2-3 month break in between this lesson, I'll be fine.

My goal is to finish all of the lessons up to the final type-in before NaNoWriMo this year, and use the momentum I feel during NaNo to do the type-in and final revision. It won't be a "true" NaNo, but I've been NaNoing since '02 and I've legit won at least 6 times, so now I just use it to get more writing done. This book started out as a NaNo novel - it should finish as one, too! Because hopefully this will be the last major draft before it's readable.

ANYWAY. That's my life. Attempting vlogs. Attempting revisions. Also making hoops. This has been a CRAZY busy month for my Etsy shop, and I don't know where everyone came from, but I finally had a little break today since I emptied my queue yesterday.

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Gettin' Butthurt on the Internet

So Gary posted in the LJI Green Room about an issue I'd never personally heard of, but figured my SJW friends would have a lot of Things To Say about, were it brought up. The issue in question being: Is it okay for allies to use the phrase "coming out" to announce their support for the LGBTQ community?

For reasons I'm not entirely sure of, I re-posted the issue to my FB asking for opinions.

Sure enough, the exact people I thought would take issue came in with flowery-worded comments about how it is SO WRONG and people should be SUPER ASHAMED AND KNOW BETTER.

Ultimately, I got that overwhelming feeling I get so many times during these discussions - that nitpicking the wrong- or right-ness of an issue dissolves its meaning.

I'm reading all of these comments by people who feel VERY STRONGLY that ANYONE who would do this particular thing is an ASSHOLE.

And I mean - probably, those people are trying to NOT be an asshole.

I can't help feeling like everyone throwing such a huge shit-fit about which terms are the right terms, and how everyone should know EVERY TERM EVERY TIME or else they're an INSENSITIVE DICKHEAD might actually be turning potential allies away. "This shit's too complicated for me, man. Don't want to say the wrong thing and get eaten alive."

I wouldn't blame them. I don't even enjoy throwing in my two cents in discussions of this sort due to the crazy "know the right words and exactly how to say them or you're not allowed to have an opinion" witch hunt that ensues. For all their talk of "derailing discussion", I feel like this constant fear of saying the wrong thing derails way more discussions than it starts.