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Your Face

Just registered for classes, and am horribly unhappy with the results. I have three hour and a half long classes right in a ROW on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and my history prof gives ESSAY TESTS. She was the only one I could pick that did not interfere with water aerobics or work. DO YOU KNOW HOW HORRIBLE IT IS, READING REVIEWS OF A PROFESSOR THAT SAY, "SO EASY!!!! MULTIPLE CHOICE TESTS!!!! HELPFUL LECTURES!!!" AND KNOWING THAT YOU COULD NOT EVEN TAKE THEM IF YOU WANTED TO BECAUSE YOU HAVE PRIOR COMMITMENTS, AND BEING FORCED TO TAKE A CLASS THAT YOU WILL MOST LIKELY FAIL????? DO YOU????????

In lighter news, something hilarious happened at work last night. Things were going Subway-ish as usual, people would come in and order sammiches and we'd make 'em, cleaning, baking cookies and bread, the usual.

Well, this chicky comes in and gets in line behind two other customers, and as I am helping those in front of her I notice she is sort of wiggling around, shaking her legs and what have you. Now, it's chilly out, I assume perhaps she is just cold and is trying to warm up. It isn't until I observe her further that I realize she is DANCING.

"Are you dancing?" I ask her.

"Oh! Yeah, I'm practicing my routine, I dance all the time without even realizing, people look at me like I'm nuts, haha!"

"Oh, ok. Well, what would you like?"

Ok, here's the best part, you have to imagine her DANCING THE WHOLE TIME SHE IS SPEAKING: "Ok, all I want is a six inch of white bread with four pieces of American cheese and that's ALL!"

Ok, man, I have seen little kids order this all the time. Hell, there is even a little girl that comes in a lot who ONLY gets bread. BUT THEY ARE LITTLE. This girl looks to be at LEAST 16 or 17. AND SHE IS DANCING.

We (Robert, my fellow employee, and I) question her about her odd choice in sandwich.

Her response:

"Oh, I'm a vegitarian, I've been one since I was 4, I eat really healthy!"


"'re a vegitarian who doesn't like vegetables?..........."

"No, I only don't like vegetables on THIS." *dance dance dance dance*

Sometimes, I really love people.

She laughed about stupid nonsense while she paid and got her drink, then danced out the door.

** ** **

IN OTHER NEWS: I don't know where Drew is, probably still in his final. I think if it gets to be 1 and I still haven't found him, I should begin worrying. Perhaps I should log onto AIM Express and see if he gets on, and we could meet online, like one of those cheesy dating service ads! It would be beautiful!


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