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I have no idea what to babble about....

I'd assume the purpose for this journal thingy is to A) record daily events and/or B) release pent up emotion. Well, granted, I did a lot of things today, 90% of that was work on the play up at Nolan on my "day off", and sure, I have emotions...but I don't know if I can come up with anything interesting to talk about. I sure would like that AIM express thing to work, that's for sure. It's doing squat diddly...I tried to open it tonight and it closed the window right away because my computer hates me, so I don't think I can use it tonight, which annoys me to no end...grumble mumble stumble!! And school starts again tomorrow. Yeah. But. Tomorrow IS Buffy day, so I must take comfort in that...and tonight WAS Angel night, but Angel's been really weird lately. You'd think he'd have figured out BY NOW that trying to commercialize Angel Investigations never turns out well. I just realized that Angel Investigations' initials are AI. Hmm. Maybe that means something. But probably not. Oh well. La la la...I'm bored and I wanna TALK to someone! Why won't my dad hook up my computer? *internet sigh* because you can really hear me sigh by reading my words. I know I can. What am I saying? Dunno...

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