Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face


Today I got hit on by a 33 year old black man!!

I have very bad getting-hit-on sense. It takes someone pretty much coming out and SAYING, "Hi, I'm hitting on you" to be aware of it's presence. This is because I don't see myself as particularly hit-onable, especially in my subway uniform and my visor which makes my hair look all weird, plus I don't bother with make-up. (I tried for the first week and then just gave up, no one seemed to notice so who really cares?)

Anyway. So this dude walks in and orders his sandwich, which is common for something or other. And he said he wanted double cheese on both sides of the meat, and as I was putting it on he goes, "That way I can talk to you longer without you getting in trouble."

Now, if you are a normal person, you may go, "Hmm, perhaps you should go over THERE." But I totally didn't think anything of this as people say bizarre things at subway all the time.

Then he said, "And maybe I could ask you on a date..."

And then I went, OHHHHHH. Oh, ok. WTF???????

So I said, "I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate that."

There was a pause.

A confused look.

Then he said, "Yeah, um, I don't think my girlfriend would appreciate it either."


Then he's like, "Well, maybe you could hook me up with one of your friends."

And I was thinking, Anne, who is saving herself for Dr. Jekell?? Aaron, who is probably not your type?? Jacob, who is DEFINITELY not your type???

Then he asks me how old I am. "19", I say.

"Oh, ok, then maybe you shouldn't hook me up with your friends."

"How old are you?"

(he looks about 22.)


Then he leaves, but not before saying, "I may like R. Kelly, but I ain't no R. Kelly."


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