Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I think my favorite running Buffy joke is that leprechauns don't exist because every time they mention it, it's so small and is never important, it's just mentioned in passing, "Oh, leprechauns don't exist!" and then they move onto the next issue at hand, I LURVE IT.

At work today, someone asked for banana peppers by saying "Chili peppers". I don't think I've heard them called that before. I have heard them called many things, among them, banana peppers, yellow peppers, sweet peppers, sour peppers, mild peppers, salad peppers, etc. But "chili peppers" is not a common one, so it took me a few seconds to realize what he meant, enough time for him to point and say, "those ones."

I responded by saying, "It's okay, they have a zillion names. Basically, if you mention something and it's not any of the other veggies, it's probably those peppers."

To which is commerade responded, "Really? I'm gonna call them 'dammits'. Load up my sandwich with some of them 'dammits.'"

I love people.

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