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Bitchy whiny post, ignore if you are not in an angsty mood.

I HATE assfucks who do NOTHING but complain about how shitty their life is ALL THE TIME. All Marty EVER does is bitch about how late he's going to have to stay because nothing's getting done and all he does is take breaks and eat and smoke and go to the bathroom and bitch. He takes forever to make sandwiches and fucks up the register ALL THE FUCKING TIME. And I work my ass off to help him get his shit together, even though he never listens to me.

And today, I was feeling shitty, completely depleated of energy. And what did Marty do? BITCH ABOUT HOW FUCKING LATE HE WAS GOING TO BE STAYING, THEN EATING A FUCKING SANDWICH. And he threw out MY sandwich without bothering to fucking ask if anyone was EATING the sandwich which was SITTING IN THE BACK WHERE THE WORKERS ARE. And that's the ONLY free sandwich I get and I had NO money to buy a new one.

Marty didn't show a single fucking ounce of compassion for the fact that I was having a bad day, he just complained about HIS crap. I know what it's like to close, I've done it a lot and I've stayed at work until 1:30 in the morning, but if someone was having a shitty day, I let them have their shitty day.

All Marty does when he goes home is sleep. I have school AND water aerobics and I am fucking TIRED.

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