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the cute dork test. just click it.

Look who I'm most like according to this quiz, everybody!!! YAY FOR ME, I couldn't be happier!! See, I'm like Gwen without even knowing she was an option to be like...or something...which makes me happy...or something...I am so glad to be back online I can't even stand it. Guess what. I want to excercise so that my body doesn't end up looking like Jabba the Hut one day. Except that I'm afraid to excercise in my own house because I hate my stepdad with a fiery burning passion and would rather eat my own vomit than have him walk in on me excercising and go, "Huh-huh, excercising, huh? Bout time you got in shape, huh-huh." Every time he SPEAKS I want to throw him out the window onto some very sharp rocks. I just keep myself content (or slightly subdued) with the idea that shortly after May 19th, I'll be out of this house. My mom envies me with all of her being. She wishes she could get the hell away from that man, too. I need to post more in my livejournal...I feel like I don't have enough thoughts. But then I feel pointless typing them, because no one reads them anyway, excepting Anne, who hears them all day because I bug her all the time and I'm sure she sometimes wants to throw ME through a window...I love you Anne! :)

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