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Every day is an Exciting Adventure (TM)

So wandering around campus this week has been interesting since there is a blood drive going on. There are large vans saying "Carter Blood Care" parked all over the campus. Everytime I walk near one I'm afraid that they are going to leap out and stab me in the arm against my will. But for some reason, the blood drive has mascots, which are just very large foam headed people, that have been walking around randomly scaring the bejeezus out of innocent students that glance their way. And there have been people who made up signs that say things like "Got Blood?" and "Blood for Transfusions come from Donors like YOU!" and they have been carrying these around in circles. They look like protesters. Protesting you keeping your blood.
Yesterday they were serving TACO BASKETS as an incentive and I was almost tempted until I remembered that Wednesday was NOT Taco Basket day, THURSDAY was, and so it would not be truly just.
Today, there was randomly a kareoke booth set up. As I was leaving my last class and walking to the shuttle, I was serenaded by two sassy black girls singing "Baby Got Back." I don't think the school day could have had a better conclusion, do you?

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