Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I love Aaron's momma

milodoeg: chewbob are you there?
ChewbobSmells: Yes'm
milodoeg: I am showing aaron's grandmother how IM works
milodoeg: I am talikning to adam too
ChewbobSmells: oh, ok :)
ChewbobSmells: how's he doing?
milodoeg: and ebaying to show her how this all works
ChewbobSmells: hehe
ChewbobSmells: my mom discovered ebay about two months ago and we have so much more junk now
milodoeg: he is great
milodoeg: yeah well she better not be bidding on the junk I like
ChewbobSmells: hehe
ChewbobSmells: no, let's see. We got about seven beanie baby lemurs
ChewbobSmells: and verbal advantage
ChewbobSmells: and...I know she got some other stuff that wasn't really worth it
milodoeg: nope not my cup 'o tea
milodoeg: heheheh
milodoeg: got to go talk later
ChewbobSmells: ok
ChewbobSmells: bye
milodoeg: bye

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