Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I have no idea what to post about, but I feel like posting so here I am posting, la la la la la!!! I finished the duct tape bear out of camoflauge duct tape, now I need to take pictures and sell it on ebay.

I started school, it is VERY LARGE. But I am endlessly grateful for the fact that it's not high school inasmuch as: a) no assigned seating, b) hardly any homework (so far all of mine is optional, except for english), c) only up to two classes a day, d) DREW IS ON CAMPUS, e) you don't have to show up for class if you don't wanna.

Probably the only class I will use option e for, if at all, is math because I can pretty much do that on my own, but I'll only skip it if I have cramps or something like that which would make me absolutely not want to sit through a class.

I NEED A JOB OMG. Will you start paying me five bucks an hour to be your friend?
Tags: college, money

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