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Lots of random stuff that is not worth reading but do it anyway.

So I've decided that instead of livejournal's little client thingy, it needs it's own pensive. So that whenever I see something I want to post, I can just pull it out of my brain and stick it on the computer and take out this whole middleman of "typing". Of course, knowing me, I'd probably go, "Oh, gosh, my wand is all the way over THERE and it would take up a whole TWO SECONDS of my time to pull this thought from my brain, I'll do it tomorrow".

The upshot of this is that I'm going to post a whole bunch of random unrelated crap that should have been in seperate posts but due to my stupidness is all in one. HAVE FUN!!!!


I finished Harry Potter, and do not understand AnnE's declaration of this book "bursting the Harry Potter bubble", please explain that one to me, dude, I thought it was great.


Yesterday on my way to swim practice, I saw a bumper sticker that says, "Satan is a nerd" and did not know how I felt about it. I chose to laugh at it.


My mother ran a TRIATHALON because she is extremely ambitious for a 47 1/2 year old. She had been training for this thing for a month and a half, and was really really really really really excited about it, and the day before she went to get her packet of stuff which included her number. She came home and wandered into the playroom where I was sitting, and moaned, "LOOK AT MY NUMBER!!!!!" I looked at the tag that she was required to wear through the bike and the run, at the number that she would have written on her arms and legs so that she could be identified in the swim, and cracked up. Her number was 666.


I went to this Harry Potter grand release party thingy at Barnes and Noble the day before the book came out, because I was morbidly curious. (Do you see how often I never post what I'm thinking??? YOU SEE???????) It was the most hilarious thing I've attended in a long while. I had to try really hard not to randomly burst out laughing due to the extreme silliness of it all. There were people dressed as wizards, one who apparently thought Draco had ORANGE hair because he had orange gel in his hair. They had a sorting hat, with this elaborate archway set up leading to it, and "Dumbledore" put the hat on whoever wanted to be sorted, and some hidden lady with a microphone went, "Hmm...HUFFLEPUFF!" and "Professor McGonagall" clapped. The best part was that the hat lady didn't know how to pronounce Gryffindor, so she kept saying, "Gry-(as if it rhymed with "cry") ffindor" and the kids would go, "Huh? What house am I in?" It was great.

And there was a stump the wizard game where some guy dressed as a wizard had three silver painted cups and under one of them was a golden snitch toy and you had to follow the golden snitch and if you could keep track of it you won a pair of horrible fake Harry Potter glasses.

I came back with my mom, who got sorted into Gryffindor and won some glasses, which is why I love my momma.
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