Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

My swim team's predictions of who will die in Book 5:

The Weasley's car

Number of Harry Potter puns: 2
"Harry up!"
"I hope when Anika goes to buy her book, she remembers Hermione!" (her money. lame, yes. Did we care? no.)

Practice consisted of:
treading water whilst chanting and clapping: "HARRY!" *clap clap* "POTTER!" *clap clap* "BOOK!" *clap clap* "FIVE!" *clap clap*
discussing who was going to die
me attempting to regain control and getting distracted by Alan and Henry talking about Harry Potter
almost, but deciding against it at the last minute, exempting anyone who brought the book to the meet tomorrow from warmups
the lifeguard Meredith informing Henry that he looks like Ron, making him the 2nd cutest kid in the world. (Proceeded to tell her about the first three weeks of last season when I accidently called Henry "Ron" about thirty times)
telling everyone to show up at 7 for warmups, but 8 if they've been up all night partying

I love my team.
Tags: harry potter, swim team

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