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Do you know what would be GREAT?

If SCHOOL didn't exist. It's currently my worst enemy. Do you know how they say Junior year is the hardest? They're lying through their teeth, it's a horrible blatant lie. Because SENIOR year is the hardest. The difference between Junior and Senior years that end up making Senior year worse are as follows:

Junior year, you realize that you have a whole year of school left AFTER this one, and you're expecting tough work, so consequentally, your work ethic is higher. Senior year, you know that if you can just make it through this one last year, you never ever have to deal with high school AGAIN. But you've done all the grueling Junior year work, and you just want to enjoy being a senior. A SERIOUS case of laziness sets in. Which is exactly what's happened to me. Now, I'm lazy to begin with. Add that to the fact that I would give anything to get the hell out of high school NOW. And then you see why school officially sucks now. In less than a year, I will be an "adult" and my parents can no longer tell me what to do. In less than a year, I can leave the damn school and never write another fucking paper unless I end up deciding to go to college. And in less than a year, I'll be living with my fiancee and starting a brand new life that won't suck. BUT. That's not happening NOW. School just feels useless now. I want to graduate, but I don't want to do the work that's required to do so. So I'm just failing. And failing means being grounded, AGAIN, unless I can get to the mailbox in time to intercept the progress reports that I know are coming. I know they're coming because it's the new quarter and I've already got, like, five zeros. That's not good, kids!!!!! GHAH!!!!!!!!! Whoever came up with this whole "homework" idea should be hung, then shot several times, then maybe poisoned while being attacked with a pitchfork. AND THEN FORCED TO DO HOMEWORK.
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