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Buyin' Drew a present at CD Warehouse

So I went to CD Warehouse to buy Drew a birthday present, as his birthday is tomorrow. They have a new guy working there whom I have never met before. I wandered around looking for various stuff that I dredged up from the depths of my pathetic memory that Drew had played for me recently, and was having minimal luck. It being Tuesday, the day when all the new stuff comes in, Joey (the regular dude that knows both Drew and I very well) was busy and didn't have much time to help me. The new guy valiantly marches up in an attempt to help and says, "Can I help you?"

I immediately felt sorry for him, because from the looks of it, there's no way in hell this new guy was going to know anything about what I was looking for. So I asked, "Um, well, do you know my boyfriend yet?" Obviously he was hoping for a question more akin to, "Do you know where the new Justin Timberlake is?" Naturally, he said no. So I attempted to help him help me by saying, "Well, it's his birthday tomorrow, and he likes really weird, experimental you have any Plaid?" This man said he had never heard of Plaid.

About this time, Joey calls over, "Do you need any help over there?" The new guy nods, asking, "Yeah, do you know her boyfriend?"

Joey responds by saying: "Yeah, Andrew. He's in here all the time buying all kinds of stuff from classic punk rock to experimental stuff, IDM. Lately he's been really into Cex."

It was obvious this new guy had never heard of Cex before either, as he busted a gut at this. His response was to turn to me and go, "Well, it IS his birthday!"

Tags: drew, funny, memories, music

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