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Marcy Playground ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF

I've decided that Marcy Playground is the COOLEST BAND EVER of the moment. I've just bought their second album, which has managed to find a way to be just as catchy as the first. I wish they would release YET ANOTHER ALBUM, as I can't seem to get enough of their music. Because it rocks, duh. Yeah, you know that one song they had, "Sex and Candy", that was such a big hit? Yeah, that song BITES. It's the most crappy song they ever wrote, and I don't know why they wrote it. Maybe they were suffering temporary insanity. BUT. Every other freaking song they've ever written ever ROCKS. MY SOCKS OFF. I'm not wearing any, proving it's true.

In other news, guess what happens this Tuesday. GUESS. Have you guessed???? If you haven't, I'll tell you because it's COOL....THE BUFFY MUSICAL. THE. BUFFY. MUSICAL. Allow me to reiterate for those of you who suck. THE FREAKING BUFFY MUSICAL. BUFFY AND MUSIC AND IT'S TOGETHER IN A BIG HUGE BALL OF BUFFY/MUSIC BLISS. HOLY SHNIKIES, I DON'T KNOW IF I'M GOING TO MAKE IT.

The end.
Tags: buffy, marcy playground, music

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