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My mom and I watched the series finale of Dawson's Creek, because I wanted to see one of them die and because my mom was bored. We both declared it to be a crappy show. Jen died, and I figured that it would be her because she was the expendable one. I only know this because of watching the first episode of the entire series and occasionally paying attention to Liz talking about it. You know a show is pure crap if you can tell a character is expendable from the VERY FIRST EPISODE and it never changes. From watching that episode, which was five years in the future, NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS HAD CHANGED. THEY ALL SUCK JUST AS MUCH AS THEY ALWAYS HAVE.

I was really hoping Joey would die, because I hate her the most. I decided that a perfect ending would be for all the loose ends to be tied up, and have them walking into the sunset, and then have them all EXPLODE. I would laugh my ass off, that would be the perfect ending.

IN SUMMATION: Thank god that crap is over.

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