Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I am making macaroni and cheese!!! It's exciting. Anne pronounced "Ann" got a livejournal, go poke her and yell at her and GET THAT WOMAN AN ICON, yo.

In MST3K the movie, there is a dude named Brak who is actually an alien with a very large forehead. But I always ALWAYS think of our tradiional Brak, you know, the one on Spaceghost who is endlessly cooler than ANY MST3K Brak. It just makes the movie THAT much more interesting.

Especially since at one point, one of the robots (or possibly Mike, I can never tell who's speaking) sings, "It's the Brak show...staring me, I'm Brak!" and I go, "But there really IS a Brak show."

Disregard everything you just read as it makes no sense anyway.

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