Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

So I'm checking my e-mail, being mildly impressed by the vast amounts of strange junk e-mail I receive daily, and I come across one from someone named "Kate", and the subject was, "JESSICA, Do you want fries with that?"


I am vaguely curious to see exactly what they are asking if I want fries with, but I'm pretty sure it's porn. People usually like fries with their porn.

I'm not sure if this one beats Drew's "Apples, do you have any apples?" e-mail, but I suspect it's close.

In other news: Buffy and Angel are doing their flip flop thing where Angel is becoming more interesting than Buffy. For the entirity of this season, it was the other way around, but I'm sorry, the priest dude reminds me of Riley. And I HATE Riley. And this week's Angel was SOOOOO GOOOOD. As Mrs. Hicks would say.

I had the most bizarre dream in the world last night. While I was having it, I felt like I should be commiting it to memory so I could write about it in my livejournal this morning. But naturally, I can barely remember any of it. The most I can remember is that I was visiting Nolan, and I got in trouble for hanging out in Ms. Allen/Mrs. Rosenthal's class and not getting a visitor's pass, and then suddenly Buffy and the scooby gang showed up and we had to save the world, and somehow this depended on the fact that I owned every issue of the Buffy magazine. And somewhere in the middle of it all, some guy was doing a documentary on the fact that I walked around the entire school every day and after I got back to where I started from, I would walk through all the hallways, which were a lot more twisted than in real life. Apparently this had some great significance and there was a reason I did it, but I can't remember what. And there was a dance. And the world got sucked into hell.

The end.

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