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New Zodiac - LJ Idol Week 4

I thought it would be fun to jumble up the traits commonly associated with signs of the zodiac, randomly assign them to new made-up signs, and write descriptions for them.

What's YOUR new sign? Remember, you can only pick ONE, and none of the other traits can apply to you. Have fun!


Spoons are very generous, empathetic people. They're the friend who will buy you lunch when you left yours at home rushing out the door. They're the ones who will listen while you blather endlessly about your ex. But they can also be pretty stubborn. Don't get between a Spoon and their ice cream! Spoons are great friends, but their dynamic personalities mean they're constantly bouncing from exciting adventure to exciting adventure, and can sometimes leave you in the dust.


Tangerines are extremely sentimental people. They love for life and they'll do anything for the people they care about. Tangerines fight passionately for the causes they believe in. Their fiery personalities make them excellent activists, as they're protective by nature. They might try to drag you to the occasional protest. But you could also get to star in their latest poem - as deep thinkers, Tangerines are constantly writing. You might have to shake them out of their reverie every once in a while!


Butterflies are the most gracious of the new zodiac. They'll never miss a chance to send you a thank you card or open a door for you. Kind-natured, they are prone to showering their friends with compliments. You'll always feel beautiful around a Butterfly! But they can be surprisingly competitive. They take their pursuits very seriously and aim for their goals with a laser-like focus. If you're up against a Butterfly for a promotion, watch out! They're in it to win it. But at least they'll tell you what a great job you did when you lose.


Whispers are known for their artistic talents. Whenever you ask them where they got their purse, they always say, "I made it myself!" But they're also quite practical. You'll never see them at the craft store without a handful of coupons to make sure they're getting the best deal, and they know when to put down that bag of sequins so they can pick up some carrots for dinner instead. An intuitive bunch, Whispers can always pick up on it if you're having a tough time (whether you want them to or not). But their natural self-assurance makes them fantastic advice givers, and great people to lean on when times are tough.


No one holds fast to their beliefs like the uncompromising Moose. An independent soul, the Moose chooses a path and walks it without question. Don't try to dissuade them, you'll only bolster their resolve. Many view the Moose as brave, taking risks to stick to their guns where others might cave. Never offer them cheesecake while they're on a diet - you'll open yourself up to a lecture on will power! But the Moose is a good person to have in your corner if you need them. They're quite dependable as they're naturally inclined to follow through with their goals.


If you want your party to be a hit, bring a Pizza! They're naturally funny people, always quick with a joke. Their gregarious personalities mean you'll never feel excluded when you're hanging out with a Pizza. They work hard to make sure everyone's having a good time! Passionate souls, Pizzas are always working on projects that interest them. If they find the right passion project, they can dive into it with enviable discipline. If this happens, make sure they come up for air from time to time!


Everyone envies the resourceful Saturday. They're great people to take on road trips because they always have just the right thing in their bag for any emergency! They are used to dealing with struggle, so they prefer to be prepared. A strong bunch, Saturdays can handle anything you throw at them. They love to tell stories of how they've overcome circumstance, but this can sometimes make them seem a bit dramatic. One spider becomes five, a butter knife becomes a machete, etc. But when it comes to their friends, Saturdays refuse to get in the middle of drama. They remain diplomatic, helping to bring conflict to a peaceful end.


No one feels happier in a crowd than a Magazine! These extroverted, outgoing people always have the latest gossip and can fill you in on the details. When it comes to what they want, Magazines are tenacious go-getters. They know how to work a crowd and get them on their side. If you've ever joined an MLM, it's probably because a Magazine convinced you it was a great idea. They're extremely versatile, able to turn any bad situation into a good one. They know how to take things as they come and roll with the punches.


Fogs are very compassionate people. They want to blanket the whole world in a soft mist of comfort. The fair-minded Fog will bend over backward to make sure everyone gets treated properly and feels included. They're social creatures, always surrounded by people and nurturing their friends and loved ones. As fans of sensual pleasures, Fogs tend toward hobbies that activate the senses - bonus points if they can share them with others! Baking, massage and mixing homemade perfumes are all favorites of a typical Fog.


The most curious, inquisitive group of the new zodiac, Buttons are always digging to learn more about everything. This makes them great listeners - they'll let to you talk about your obsession with The Bachelor for hours because they're genuinely interested in why someone would watch that show. Their widespread interests make them quite creative. You'll never meet a Button who doesn't have five or six projects in the works! Their curiosity has also made them wise: They've gotten themselves into situations the average person might not, and learned a lot along the way. Buttons show great affection for the people in their lives, because they understand the complexities of human nature and respect the flaws of others.


Tongs are the trendsetters, the ones everyone looks to for the latest fashions. Highly imaginative, Tongs aren't afraid of what anyone else thinks of them. Their ideas are always original and unique. They're very expressive, literally wearing their personalities on their sleeve. You'll always know where you stand with Tongs! But if you befriend the Tongs, you'll have a friend for life. Extremely loyal people, Tongs won't let you down. They'll be by your side through thick and thin.


At the other side of the spectrum from Tongs, we have the Sweaters. Sweaters are cozy, gentle people who love to curl up with some hot cocoa and a good book. Analytically-minded, they prefer a night in studying trends in the political climate to a night out partying. They manage to keep an optimistic outlook despite their love of boring data, which can make them good people to consult in a crisis: They'll tell you the facts and remind you that you can do it. Sweaters are always eager to help where they can. You'll often find them volunteering for causes that matter to them, or at least taking the cricket outside rather than squashing it.

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