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Every Bob Ross #3 - Cabin Hideaway


BOB ROSS MILESTONE: My first little cabin! As usual, I'm not 100% thrilled with this painting and probably won't be until tomorrow. Bob's paintings seem to require a lot of standing back and taking in the image as a whole rather than getting nitty gritty into details. It's also kind of depressing painting with his right there and seeing how instantly perfect his seems, compared to your trash monster.

This one isn't one of my favorites, it's kind of blah as far as content in my opinion. The colors aren't that exciting, the landscape isn't that exciting. The mountains were painted on instead of palette knifed on, which really I shouldn't complain about given how much I hate the palette knife.

This painting called for another brush I don't have - a big fat round brush - but it wasn't a huge deal. Bob only used it for background trees, and the 1" brush was easy enough to replace it with.

For some reason I really struggled with the evergreens. He used the fan brush for this one, where the first practice painting I did, he used the 2" brush. The fan brush seems a little more difficult to control for me.

I think the next painting I do, I want to pay closer attention to his technique and try to copy that, like how he's actually applying the brushes to the canvas, rather than just trying to copy the end result. (I know you're not really supposed to be COPYING Bob, it's your world, etc. etc., but I still feel the need to.) By the end of all this, I do want to actually be a semi-decent painter. But I should cut myself some slack - this is painting number 3 of 400ish so I have time. Honestly, I'd rather screw up a painting I'm not that excited about than one that I am. I'm saving the paintings I really like for the end, when they'll have a better shot at coming out semi-decent.

Anyway, Bob seemed really rushed in this episode (Season 13, Episode 11). It started kinda oddly, like he was already trying to finish up quickly. My theory is that this was one they filmed toward the end of a shoot, and he'd already done two or three episodes prior, and everyone was ready to get out of there.

Despite the whole episode feeling rushed, you can really tell when Bob is ready to wrap things up, because he starts throwing in as many little details as he can at lightening speed, without very much explanations. I'm kinda frustrated with one of my little stones, the snow looks like it's a dang sombrero rather than a lovely little bank.

I think from set up to tear down, this one took about an hour and a half, so not bad on my end speed-wise.

Okay that's enough blathering about this relatively boring painting. Have a lovely day!

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