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Every Bob Ross #2 - Windy Waves

Season 14, Episode 7 - Windy Waves

I did me another Bob! This one was a seascape and holy crap do I hate that friggen' pallet knife. Though during this one, I felt like I briefly figured out what was going on. If you look at the middle bit of the crashing wave, the foamy stuff underneath the wave that's supposed to be like the water rippling to the shore, that's all pallet knife junk. The middle one, I sort of had a moment where I realized what Bob was doing and how he was moving the knife and manipulating the paint and it CLICKED and I was like OH I SEE KIND OF.

And then I totally lost it on the last one. And then Bob kinda slapped on all of the foreground with the pallet knife and there didn't seem to be much finesse at all, probably because he'd spent so much time on the friggen' wave that he was rushing the foreground and the palm trees.

Boy, this entry is all over the place! But I'm trying to get it out before I go to bed. And I'm tired. And Green is already in bed and I'm using the loud clacky keyboard because I LIKE IT but it's probably irritating so I should shut up about the keyboard I'm typing on and talk about the painting.

So this painting called for a brush I DID NOT HAVE. It's like a little nubbly guy, kind of like an eyeshadow brush, but for paint. It's a brush that's pretty difficult to approximate with the brushes I DO have. (A 2", a 1", a fan brush, and a script liner - also I think maybe my script liner brush is too fat? I feel like Bob makes all these delicate lines and mine just look like blobby smeary messes. I'm ending this parenthetical now.)

So I was just trying to make the most of the brushes I had, and that's what I get for literally pulling an episode out of a bucket and going for it without watching it ahead of time to figure out what dang supplies I'll need. But at least I know I need to get that brush. I legit thought I had all the brushes.

He also used the small pallet knife which I also don't have, but that's okay because I think the big one worked just fine, considering the pallet knife stuff is all garbage trash that I hate doing.

I really hope by the end of this, I'm like a god damn wizard with the pallet knife. I hope I don't just hate using it the entire time and never improve with it. It genuinely feels right now like that could happen.

What else is there to say about this painting? There are several spots where I painted above the horizon line, despite Bob emphasizing keeping it perfectly straight to the point where he started the painting with friggen' masking tape marking it out. You probably can't tell in the picture, but I accidentally painted a lot of errant lines over the horizon.

I don't hate the palm trees, they actually came out kind of nice and didn't take any time at all. And really pulled the whole painting together, which up to that point was a single wave and a bunch of slapped on paint for the ground.

OH, today was my first time using the respirator. I bought a respirator to hopefully not die of leukemia like Bob, although I don't think you get leukemia by huffing odorless paint thinner. The respirator was really uncomfortable, BUT, I did not feel light headed and vaguely sick from the fumes when I was done with the painting, which has happened in the past. So good for me!

I hope the weather plays nice so I can do another painting sooner rather than later. I have covered a couple of my white canvases with black gesso, so if I draw a black gesso painting, I'm ready to go! Also I'm out of white canvases that aren't covered in black gesso (I used a white one today instead of the grey Bob brand ones since this painting started with a coat of liquid "grey" instead of liquid white), so I should probably get more of those. I have five of the Bob-brand grey canvases. Oh and I got my huge tube of titanium white, so we'll see how long it takes me to go through that.

I've been scraping off the paints that didn't get used and putting them into baggies and freezing them, so I can use them later. Bob recommended that (freeze them) so I'm trusting him that it's okay. So far the titanium white is the only color I've run out of, it'll be interesting to see what I work through next!

Well this post is long and boring enough, I'll end it here.

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