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Every Bob Ross #1 - Snowfall Magic

Hello friends. I have this journal, and I'm doing this project, and I think posting my thoughts about my progress to LJ is the best way to go about things. I have embarked on the goal of following Every Bob Ross Painting Tutorial.

Which honestly is a little bit ambiguous of a goal, because there are Bob Ross Tutorials that aren't official Joy of Painting episodes (he released some hour long DVD specials), and not every Joy of Painting episode is hosted by Bob himself.

There are 403 episodes of The Joy of Painting, 381(ish) are hosted by Bob. The rest are hosted by guests. (I say "ish" because some have Bob actively talking to the guest and making comments, some are his son and him both doing something together, etc.)

ANYWAY, for my purposes, I've decided to just focus on the Bob Himself paintings, and I'll attempt to also do the guest hosts that use the same paints and supplies as Bob. There are, for example, guest hosts who do paintings on saw blades and shellacked canvases, and that stuff seems a little outside the realm of the point of this project, which is to just say I've painted a shit ton of Bob Ross.

My ultimate goal is to make a video for my YouTube channel about the process, and honestly, thinking about what to film and what not to film during the process has slowed it down a bit, which is part of why I decided to just make LJ posts (plus hey, getting back into LJ isn't a bad thing). That way I will have notes about my thoughts over the course of the project to reference during the final video, without having to pour over hours and hours of painting footage. (Which I should still take every once in a while anyway because I'll be making, you know, a video.)

I've been wanting to livestream as a I paint, but I've never done that before, so I've been postponing starting because I didn't know where to set up the camera or if I should announce that I'm streaming before or do some testing before doing an official stream, etc., etc.

There have been practical reasons for procrastinating as well, namely it's January and cold and the only real ventilation I have is to open my front door, which I don't want to do in the dead of winter.

But today it was warm, I've got all the supplies and no real excuses, so I decided to just do a painting and not worry about streaming for now.

I have a jar with all of the episodes in it on little pieces of paper, so I reached into that jar and pulled out Season 19, Episode 1, "Snowfall Magic"

Here is how it came out:


If you don't follow me on Facebook, this is actually my second Bob Ross painting but technically the first Joy of Painting one, because the other one I did was from one of the aforementioned hour long DVD specials. I made a video about that process over here.

So here are my thoughts on THIS painting. First of all, I used an official Bob Ross canvas that's been painted grey so it's easier to see the liquid white (I used a white canvas for my first attempt). It seems like the canvas is also a little more substantial than the white ones I bought, which I've decided to use for black gesso paintings. But aside from that I couldn't tell much difference. Supposedly the official Bob canvases are supposed to have more longevity, so I guess time will tell on that one.

Regarding the painting itself, I really like the colors a lot. The set up called for Pthalo Blue, but Bob didn't use it that much, I think there are two "least little touches" of it in the whole painting, like in the snow on the bottom and that's it. (Same deal with the Cadmium Yellow.)

I put a lot more of each paint on my palette this time, since in my first attempt I was constantly using up the tiny blob of paint I'd given myself. This time I had plenty of paint left over, so I scraped what I could off the palette when I was done and stuck it in baggies to use again later.

Except for the Titanium White. I'm basically out of Titanium White after just two paintings, using the little 1.25 oz tube that came with the Master Paint Set. So I'm going to have to get a giant tube of it if I want to keep going, as I don't have enough right now for another painting. And unfortunately the website I'm ordering it from is out of the big tubes, so I won't be able to get more until later in the month.

I got a little overzealous with the bushes at the beginning, and as a result, the ground in my painting starts a lot lower than Bob's. His is about halfway up the canvas and mine is about two-thirds down. But Bob kept adding layers and being like, "Make as many bushes as you want! It's your world!" And I was like, yes, okay, I WILL Bob! And then maybe I shouldn't have but probably it's fine.

Things I didn't enjoy about this painting:

-I really don't care for using the script liner brush to make twigs and branches. I feel like I haven't figured out the ratio of paint thinner to paint to make it "like ink" that just "flows" off the brush, so I end up with weird, wispy-yet-thick lines that don't really look like tree branches. I'm also not very good at shaping them so they look like real trees. They look more squiggly than branchy. Something to work on I guess.

-I didn't like it on the first painting and I didn't like it on this one either - I feel like "cutting water lines" is bananas and mine look like white sludge just slopped on weirdly. Yet when I'm actually finished and have stepped away for a bit, I don't mind it so much.

-Also, since my ground was so low, I didn't have much room to make a good reflection, which was one of the more fun parts of the last painting. Instead I feel like my water doesn't really look like water as much as just a muddy, oddly flat path.

Things I DID enjoy about this painting:

-The colors. I really love the orangey-red sort of sunny bit at the top, I think that came out nice.

-Even though I made way too many, I did enjoy smooshing the bushes into existence. I think I did a better job of not getting too much paint on the brush vs. the first painting.

-I really enjoyed flicking the snow on at the end, I had to make myself stop so it wouldn't be a dang blizzard. It was fun because it was something that actually worked as Bob described, and looked decent.

When I was done with Bob's guided tutorial part, I went back in and added snow accents to the tree on the bottom left so it matched the other trees in the painting and didn't look so flat. I also went in and added some little collections of snowfall in some of the crooks created by the branches.

Oh, and another thing - I upgraded my easel and I'm using a Renoir easel that is a lot sturdier than the one I used in the video. It also has a spot for me to store all my paints, so they're all stashed in my little easel cube. :)

So that's it! "Snowfall Magic", officially the first painting of my Every God Damn Bob Ross Painting project.

I do really enjoy the process of these paintings. Even though I'm having to pause the tutorial a lot, they still go by pretty quickly and make me feel like I'm a competent painter, which is an interesting feeling considering I've never painted before this in any real capacity.

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