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This post on my FB wall is going NUTS.

I just posted about my new video being live, and a friend of our family got all up on my junk about using swears.

For context: She's known my mom since I was about five, I think? She sent her oldest kid to my mom's daycare center and my mom basically co-raised three of this woman's four kids from when they were newborns to four or five years old. However, I haven't had much personal contact with her since I was a teenager. For reference, I'm 32 now.

She very rarely pokes her head in on my FB, but she's one of those people that GOT OPINIONS, and those opinions are usually diametrically opposed to mine. She called out a swear on my FB once previously, about six or seven years ago, and I wasn't even the one doing the swearing that time - I was sharing a Josiah Leming song called "Fuck Up" to my wall because I love it and can relate to it a lot. (Here's the song if you're interested.)

So anyway, now all of my friends (including a bunch of people who barely know me but were just irritated by her comment) are coming to my defense and arguing with her in the post, and she's just arguing right on back, about how swearing presents a negative image of you and how she knows me and I'm better than that sort of representation which is HILARIOUS BECAUSE NO I'M NOT, THANKS.

My personal favorite highlight is when two people started arguing with her about how swearing affects children, and she was like, "How many kids have you fully raised?" And they were BOTH like, "Two, actually," and she stopped responding. So far, anyway. WELL PLAYED, FRIENDS AND ACQUAINTANCES.

She's also arguing with this one lady who I've only met ONCE but was friends with my mom in high school, so she's arguing within the context of my mother, and Kelly (the "no-swears" lady) is all like, "What does her mother have to do with it? Though she's a lovely person!"

So my "share my video" post is now this epic battle between the right to swear and personal responsibility, with my mom getting dragged into it for no reason (I don't even know if she's seen the post yet), and very few comments on the actual video which took me for FUCKING EVER AND I'M GOD DAMN PROUD OF IT. (Which is what I said that started all of this nonsense.)

Still, the resulting shit show is pretty entertaining to read.

ETA: LOLOLOL MY MOM JUST COMMENTED. Essentially to say she's staying out of it.
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