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What's Your Writing Process?

So after making my last post, it looks like a lot of people currently active on LJ and reading these words are other writers.

I'm extremely interested in writer's processes. I think everyone has a different writing process, despite the actual process of writing being less discussed than the technical aspects of writing.

Why do you write? How often do you write? What do you do to help you write? Do you prefer drafting or revising? Description or dialogue? Etc.?

For me, I write because I love books and I feel this drive to create things I love consuming, more than any specific love of writing. I like initiating. I like attempting to write something I would actually enjoy reading.

The writing process for me is exceedingly difficult. I often won't sit down to write unless it's inside of some sort of challenge, either external or internal (NaNoWriMo, LJ Idol, or giving myself a specific deadline with people who are holding me accountable to hitting it).

I prefer writing dialogue and I loathe description. A lot of my drafts take place in nebulous worlds with poorly described characters talking and doing things, but not really interacting with their environment.

I like to sit down and bang out a lot of words without thinking. For example, the two drafts of the book I'm currently working on were written in a two months, a week, and another month of furious quick writing.

Then it takes me a long time to pull the things I actually like out of that nonsense and shaping it into something traditionally resembling a story. In total, that process of this current book has taken me eleven years.

I like to sit down with a timer and write as much as I can without looking back. I like limitations - challenges to include certain words or concepts to drive creativity, as I don't feel like I'm particularly creative on my own.

For me, my process feels a lot like throwing words at a screen until they come together in a way that's compelling. A lot of what I write is total crap, and sometimes it's just me literally typing "I am typing until the timer goes off. I have no idea what happens next or what my characters should be doing. I just have five minutes left on the timer."

Plotting really stresses me out and makes me uncomfortable, but I have dabbled in it.

Okay, that's enough of me. What's your process like?

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