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Hello New Friends and The Death of My Car

I think I have added everyone back who has added me thus far from 2017revival, so we are all on a TRIAL RUN FRIENDSHIP BASIS THING. I think there were too many words there but whatever.

Some further intro-y things, since I'm on my good keyboard this time and not the iPad: I try to read my flist but I'm very bad at it, because I type faster than I read and I get distracted by everything and also being an adult means I feel intense guilt staying up until 2 AM on LJ, a dramatic difference from when I was eighteen and would do that as a matter of course.

Also (and unrelated), I still have LJ skinned to display the Dystopia theme, which looks like this:

LJ Layout

AKA exactly how it looked in 2001 when I first got my journal (confirmed) because CHANGE IS HARD AND I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP. And I would like to add I'm extremely grateful to LJ for letting me keep my old school layout because basically no other website does that, so THANKS LJ, FOR SOMETHING I GUESS. Actually thanks for a lot. I'm glad I've thrown money at you.

Also thanks to fidgety for telling me about the revival thing and then making an epic post about being awake for surgery, you are my hero.

Anyway. Here's the real post part of the post!

Eleven and a half years ago, I got a new car.

I know, because I made an LJ post about it. (Sadly the picture I took is no longer embedded in the memory of the internet.)

Earlier this week, she died forever.

About three years ago, she needed a repair I couldn't afford at the time. So she sat in my driveway while I attempted to scrape the money together. Life kept happening and the money never did, so she sat.

Then around summer of '16, a friend offered to help, I found out she'd still run, I took her to some places who got her functioning again.

I drove her to and from work, happily, blissfully, reunited with my baby.

Then the radiator cracked and it'll cost more to fix her than it will to just get a new car.

When she died, I managed to get her off the highway, where I called Green, who came by and waited with me for a tow truck (which ended up being a $120 tow to take her to her final resting place). I was assisted by the panhandler at the corner who helped me push her into the parking lot of Peach Tree Food Beer Wine Groceries Chicken Cigarettes.

I did not give that man any money because it felt weird? He didn't seem to be asking or implying that I should? But then later when we were waiting for the tow truck, another fellow, extremely flamboyant (so I loved him immediately), strolled up and told us he had some boots he was trying to sell.

I'm familiar with this tactic - when I was working at Subway, there were some homeless gentlemen who would come in from time to time, and we'd give them meatballs to eat despite our managers constantly telling us not to give them meatballs. One of them liked to raid the lost and found at the various hotels he'd stay in when he had the money, and he'd take nice looking shoes and try to sell them. Many times, he would try to offer me shoes to say thanks for the meatballs. I never wanted the shoes, but I appreciated the sentiment.

Anyway, the boots were super cute, black and furry, something I'd never wear. He wanted $10 for them. I told him to keep the boots but I'd give him $5 anyway because he was so adorable.

When I handed him the money, he was like, "Watch what I do with this," and he slid it under his shirt as if sticking it in a bra strap and basically he's the best.

So anyway the point is, Mia's* radiator has a crack in it, it'll cost $700 to fix and there's only a 50/50 chance that'll solve the problem. If it doesn't, I'm looking at another $1,500 to replace the engine.


Mia was born on LJ, and here I will lay her sweet memory to rest.

Well, I mean, I still need to go get my stuff out of her. But yeah. She did a good job. I did bond with her eventually. She took me all across the country, to Colorado, to North Carolina, to California, and back to Texas from all those places. I covered her with stickers with no regard to how that would look after sitting in the sun for seven years. (Spoiler alert - not great.)

She put up with my shit. Any car that can do that deserves a god damn award.

Anyway. I guess that's it for now. I hope you're having a lovely day.

*The car.
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