Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Real Job

Well, I've had a "real job" at Papa John's for two weeks now and I'm already over it. Mostly because I'm on my period and LUCKILY I got cramps yesterday when I was off work and we'd gotten home from the vending show, so I didn't have to deal with them at work...but it's a reminder that I COULD in the coming months have to deal with cramps at work, and THAT IS LESS THAN IDEAL.

Also the fact that it's Sunday, and as of right now, I have no idea what my schedule is for the week after today, and I have to leave for my final scheduled shift of the week in ten minutes, which means that until I'm able to quit, I won't be able to schedule plans with anyone more than a week in advance.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, I was able to budget all the funds we need for the week, with $14 to spare.


What's a bit of soul-selling for the sake of paid bills?

I'm hoping to get my Jess Hoops plans up and running by the end of the month, and see how well that goes. Ideally, I won't be at this job for very long, but I'm trying not to have a shitty mentality about it, despite the shitty post I just made. Pretend what I'm actually saying is "I'M DOING MY BEST TO HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE."


I'm grateful I was able to acquire this job without jumping through the hoops of the job search. (PUN INTENDED???????)

I'm grateful this job understands I run another job that takes priority, and I was able to get yesterday off no-questions-asked to go hock my hoops.

I'm grateful the bills are covered because that shit is stressful.

Now to put on my monkey suit and make pizzas for people who feel the need to call corporate because they only got one Parmesan packet instead of three. At least their father isn't dying, like the angry customers from my last job. And at least I have enough experience with angry customers at this point in my life that I can laugh internally while playing the "I'm so sorry, what can we do to fix it?" game out loud.

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