Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Or not to retrograde

Scrolling through my FL yesterday showed a lot of folks thrilled and happy about life, which would fly DIRECTLY IN THE FACE of this retrograde nonsense. How can one be happy when Mercury appears to be moving backwards? WHAT SORT OF PLANETARY WIZARD ARE YOU???

Anyway, I still feel vaguely shitty about the friend stuff, but I'll get over it. I think it's more like a general life malaise I've been battling for some time now. I did some exercising last night to get my body moving and sweat flowing, and I'll try to keep up with that because I know I feel better when I do the body moving thing on a regular basis. It's just so much easier to NOT do the things I know make me feel better, you know?

WHY YOU GOTTA BE LIKE THAT, LIFE??? Why not make eating a candy bar have the same effect as exercising daily? *glares at life*

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