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Sleep, HA, sleep is for fools!

So tonight is one of those nights where I was exhausted all day for no apparent reason, went to bed early expecting to poop right the fuck out, read for a bit, then suddenly was so awake that I felt like I might not get ANY sleep.

Probably I will get tired by the end of this post, as that seems to be the way things go.

Working from home has warped my perception of "productive" quite a bit, I think. Today, I finished up the final formatting and edits for my first mini-course e-book (a small one, not the one I'm most excited about, which I need to finish WRITING), uploaded a video to the new collab channel three other YouTube friends and I are launching, and finished a quilt block.

But I didn't make any hoops. So it wasn't a productive day.

Silly brain.

I'm reading Amanda Palmer's book, "The Art of Asking", which so far is just an autobiography of her life, but I'm adoring every god damn page. She reminds me why I fell in love with her as an artist in the first place, why I looked up to her, etc. She also reminds me how stagnant and un-me-like I've become in the past few years of being at home so much.

I used to travel a lot and crash on a lot of stranger's couches, try a lot of things, interact with a lot of people. These days, I'm at home pretty much all the time, and too much human interaction wears me out. I don't know if it's just because I'm out of practice, or if it's because I'm genuinely becoming a hermit. I hope it's the former. Hanging out with people really used to recharge my batteries.

I want to market like Amanda. Like Amanda and John Green, and even Kevin Smith, even though I don't keep up with him much anymore. They're my three Artist Role Models - the musician model, the writer model, and the filmmaker model.

Their version of marketing is what I strive to emulate: Be yourself. Be it all over the Internet. When you've got something to sell, people will buy because they love YOU and want to support you. I love the stuff all three of those people create, but I love it all the more because I feel like I know so much about them. None of them shy away from getting personal and sharing bits of themselves most standard marketers would consider iffy. (Well, John Green keeps some stuff close to the chest, but I definitely know WAY more about him than any other author I read.)

I've been doing a lot of marketing research in the past several months. Taking classes on how to improve your social media skills and how to sell your products and this and that and so on and so forth.

I just...don't like any of it. And I don't really feel that much of it is necessary.

I feel like forming connections, talking to people, engaging them, sharing myself openly and honestly, that's the way to sell shit.

And then I am disappointed because I haven't been doing a very good job of sharing myself lately, and I worry that due to being home all the time and not interacting with many people, I'm turning into the sort of person who doesn't really have that much to share.

I don't know. Maybe I should share that. (I guess I'm sharing it here, but here doesn't really count. LJ is still sort of my private space, even though I know a few people follow me here who found me through other channels. YOUTUBE CHANNELS, LOLOLOLOL.)

Anyway. Pfffffffffft. I guess I'll go back to browsing the Internet and hoping I discover something interesting to hold my interest until I'm tired again. Or I'll go back upstairs and keep reading.

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