Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Failing the Death Pact

I hope Brianne doesn't kill me.

But I should probably UPDATE anyway. LJ always seems like a much safer place to bitch than Facebook. Not that I specifically have anything to bitch about, just a bunch of little annoyances.

I started going back to yoga yesterday. I had a fantastic class. Yesterday.

Today, I felt like class ran me over with a steamroller, and the feeling lingered all day. My neck is sore as fuck and just holding my head up is painful. I hope that dissipates soon.

I came home to find that the city water utilities had dug a giant hole right in front of the gate to our house, and a huge crane was blocking our driveway. Luckily, they finished up their work today so they're all gone and the hole's filled in, but it pissed me off that we didn't have any warning this would happen. We could have planned to be absent today.

I also filmed a vlog for the first time in ages yesterday, and went to edit it today. I forgot a key thing - turn off every god damn fan. There's a heater fan blowing the entire time, making the sound quality ATROCIOUS. Also, since Green is home all day er'ry day now, I'm awkward as fuck and pausing all the time since I'm not used to vlogging in front of people.

Up shot - the video is terrible, I want to re-film it.

Green quit her job last week, and while she really needed to (it was making her cry every day and no one deserves that), the burden of money earning is on me. I've been consistently earning enough to cover my half of the bills, but doubling that - and quickly - will be a challenge, and I won't even really get to reap the benefits of the increased income since I'll just be covering both of us and we'll still be at the same quality of living as we are now. Green has plans to earn a little bit of extra money, but she probably won't be earning much for a while. I have a buffer of about $1,000 we can use to get us through a month or two, but that's money I was hoping to use to fix my car finally, and this basically means I'm shit out of luck as far as fixing it goes. I'll probably have to sell it.

I don't blame Green for any of this. It's exactly what I did two and a half years ago, and it put her in just as uncomfortable a position for a while. I know we'll get through it, it just takes a lot of the plans I had and kind of dumps them on their head, and the adjustment period is no fun.

In other news, I filled out my FAFSA, because for some reason I think going back to school would be the best thing to do when we're in Mega Tight Income Land? But every tax season I'm like, "Why the fuck aren't I a CPA so I can just do this shit myself and know I'm doing it right?" So I'd like to do that. Go back to school to learn how to CPA.

I like to think that I'd be the avant-garde CPA who only works with quirky small businesses like mine and makes no money because small business like mine don't have a lot of money to pay CPAs. But really, it'd be a good fall back job for when I can't stand making hoops, or I just need a break from trying to sustain a social media presence, and I can sink into the background and just do taxes all day.

There will always be taxes. It's probably the most secure self-employment job a person can have. Which is funny, considering how I've spent my life trying to figure out how to not work a "real job". But at least I can still work for myself and make (largely) my own rules, work my own hours, etc. I imagine myself as sort of a back-alley CPA, whispering to people I like and saying, "Hey...need tax help? Here's my card..." and then slurking away, looking shifty-eyed at the people who might have boring tax returns I don't want to do.

Anyway. What the hell am I even talking about. Let's end this post now.

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