Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
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ZOMG the NaNo site is down and I cannot update my word count. X< I don't even know if that's a real emoticon, but it is now.

Also I've noticed that I've been updating Facebook regarding my word count and not LJ. That's ridiculous, considering that LJ saved my ass when the NaNo site lost all the info on all the years I'd participated/won previously. THANK YOU FOR TWELVE YEARS OF NANOWRIMO HISTORY, LIVEJOURNAL. I shouldn't forsake you now!

Anyway, I'm up to 7,345, which would be awesome to UPDATE, but no. It's fine, at least they have the whole "edit word count" thing for previous days now, so I can go back in time and update tomorrow and it will still count as today.

I'm working on a non-fiction e-book instead of a novel this year. Which is a VERY strange feeling. But the writing seems to be moving along just fine. I've had the whole thing plotted out on index cards for ages, I just haven't actually written it. It's moving swiftly along now.

I know it's not going to get me my whole 50,000 words, though. So when I'm done with this, I'll probably write some crack fic with my remaining words, because why not? What's NaNo without a little word padding and awful nonsensical fiction? A POINTLESS ENDEAVOR, THAT'S WHAT.

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