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Updates about Things!

I have won $46 from Diet Bets so far (in "profit", so to speak, minus my initial bets). Huzzah!

I've been falling down big time in Habit RPG. Need to rearrange my habits so that they are less intimidating. I'm finding that most of them take place at night, and usually by night time, I am like, "Fuck this noise, do not want," so I want to maybe do them in the morning.

I have also fallen off the Couch to 5K train, so my exercise has decreased to pretty much nil. Went for a walk yesterday. Still counting calories, though...I don't want to lose all my Diet Bet money! I'm in five more bets...geez. Down to 202 pounds (almost), which is my original pre-hooping weight (heaviest I'd ever been up to that point). My next DB goal is 198.5...I gotta tell you, passing the 200 mark is oddly intimidating. It's like...I know I can comfortably stay in the 200s and beyond. I know that getting under 200 and staying there will take continued effort. Am I ready for that? Can I keep it up the rest of my life? I know it's really bad for me to be this heavy (ultimately because being this heavy comes from me eating junk and sitting on my ass all day, so it's more the lifestyle rather than the size that's creating the lack of health), and I know it's equally bad to yo-yo. I know there's a good chance of yo-yoing happening. For these reasons, I'm having a tough time feeling happy about the fact that I've lost nearly twenty pounds. Largely because I feel like they're twenty pounds I shouldn't have gained in the first place, especially the last ten of them were pretty much over the course of two months. As in, I got stretch marks on my belly from how quickly I gained that god damn weight.

Anyway...I will figure it out. Life is looking up and up every day, stability-wise. And I'm re-reading Eat, Pray, Love. I'm on the "pray" part, which is my personal favorite. I appreciate Liz's approach to spirituality. Even though I'm pretty far removed from where I was when I was like, "Yes, spirituality is a thing I possess!" I can still appreciate the value of meditation and awareness of the present moment, since they give your brain a break from driving itself mad with worry. I used to be so good at "don't worry, be happy". Just a few years ago! Man, WHAT HAPPENED. Silly human brain. Self-sabotaging myself when I'm on a good path.

Looks like this entry's going to be long, because I haven't even started talking about geocaching. I don't know if I'm going to reach patented Jess levels of obsession with geocaching, but right now, I'm pretty pumped about it. I don't have a GPS or a smart phone, so the few caches I've found so far have involved intense map studying prior to heading out.

I had heard of geocaching many moons ago; a friend of mine did it with some of HER friends and sent me video of it because I was trying to get better at editing video, so I had asked for unedited video clips people might have to play around with. I was intrigued but confused by geocaching, I couldn't quite figure out the point? I went to the website and poked around at it, the closest one to me was a decent drive (this was three or four years ago, I think?), so I didn't try it out.

I was recently reminded of it by a friend who posted to FB about it, and so I poked at the site again and discovered that there were several caches near me, within walking distance, so even though I don't have access to a car while Green's at work, I could still go out a-huntin'.

I think what intrigues me about it is that it's a lot like treasure hunting, which I used to do as a kid. My mom would make me these trails of clues I had to follow (the clues were written on index cards and said things like, "Go to the bathroom and look under the toilet seat," but in a more momish rhyme-y way. I loved the CRAP out of them, I loved the process of searching more than the actual thing I got at the end. She used to do them for gifts until I started just giving her random things to hide and telling her to make me one.

Geocaching is sort of like that, except it's random strangers hiding things in plain sight out in the world. There was a cache in the parking lot of the post office I go to practically every day to mail my hoops, and it had been there for over a year, and I'd had NO IDEA. That's totally crazy to me! And now that I know where it is, it's like I have a little secret, and I could feasibly check in on it any time I wanted. I picked up my first (and so far only) trackable there. I plan on taking it with me to Austin next month and leaving it somewhere there.

Speaking of trackables, I had an idea for one and I couldn't resist dropping the dollars to do it yesterday. Now I'm just waiting for the stuff to come in the mail, and not terribly patiently, mind you.

A trackable is essentially a keychain with a code on it that you can log at the geocaching website when you find it, and then leave it in another cache for someone else to find. (Sort of like how people used to write codes on their dollar bills for "Where's George?" If you ever did that. If you didn't, I don't know what else to compare it to.) You can give the trackable goals, like, "I want to see France!" Which is actually the goal of the trackable I currently have in my possession. Incidentally, it was originally placed in a cache in England. The country. And it ended up in a cache in my post office. WHAT IS THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN IT'S PRETTY COOL YOU GUYS.

So anyway, I bought a trackable (which is like, six bucks, but whatever) and I also bought a copy of the new Wreck This Journal pocket edition. Which is small and itty-bitty and full of stuff you can do outdoors. My plan is to drill a hole in the corner of the WTJ and attach the trackable, then make the "goal" of the trackable to travel from cache to cache until the book is completed, having each person who picks it up do a page or two.

So far, from what I've seen, this appears to be pretty elaborate for a trackable, but what's the point in having a set up like this if you can't do cool things with it? I see nothing wrong with the plan other than the book might get stuck somewhere and not completed, but that's the risk you take when you leave stuff in public like that. I have to just hope for the best, because the idea is too exciting to me to not do.

Okay, that's it for this post. I don't feel like editing for typos, so apologizes if you find any.

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