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I'm feeling much better today. Sleep helped. I got to sleep in today.

I got several books in the mail yesterday, including Danielle LaPorte's The Desire Map, which I've been eying forever and went on sale for $10 and I said, YES PLEASE.

I also got the entirety of Holly Lisle's How To Revise Your Novel course in print. She doesn't actually SELL it in print, it comes all in .pdf files over the course of 22 weeks, but I finally got the final lesson a couple weeks ago (meanwhile, I'm still on week 3 in the course...this could take a while), and I decided that having the lessons and worksheets in print form would be MUCH easier than trying to read it all on the computer. I love book forms of things way more than e-books anyway!

So I popped the .pdfs into Lulu and made myself the cheapest print versions I could. (Naturally, I set them as private listings, because I only wanted them for me, I certainly don't want to resell Holly's work!)

There was TOO MUCH CONTENT to put them all into one book, so I split it up into lessons and worksheets. I am SO PLEASED to hold this course in my hands. It's like having a legit textbook! And the whole thing cost me WAY less than it would have to print out at Kinko's, I think it was $15 for both books, and I had a free shipping coupon. :)

HTRYN in print!

I'm hoping the physical copy of the course will motivate me to push forward so I can read the next lesson!

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