Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I LuV tHu ThEaTuR

I auditioned for Princess Bride yesturmahday. I find out if I'm in it tomorrow. Ask me how much sleep I'm getting tonight. ASK ME. If you guessed none, you're absolutely CORRECT. All of my good friends say that I have a darn good shot at the narrator. You know, the wacky grandfather that pinches the kid's cheek and loses his place and stuff. Yeah. I think it would be fun to have that part, because it's a guy who loves the book. And I love the book. It's my favorite, actually. So I'd be able to relate to my character. Well, here I am jinxing myself. GOOD JOB, ME, WATCH ME GET NOTHING!!!!!!!!! Ok, the end!
Tags: high school, theater

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