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Man, what the hell? Where does time keep going? I look at the clock and it's 8 PM. (That was two hours ago, but seriously, it didn't feel like 8 PM.) I need to figure out how to figure out my time so I can actually have some "free time"! I'm spending all my time making hoops or doing dishes, it seems.

Granted, I did play quite a bit of Hearthstone today. I suppose two hours got sucked away there. But I didn't get to play any Kingdom of Loathing! LIFE IS HARD.

I feel I may not be long for LJI...everyone currently in the competition is pretty much a better writer than me and I am REALLY surprised I made it this week. I won't quit until I'm voted off, but given how I've been failing hard at actually reading everyone's entries (I seem to do better when I have the time to read and comment, which makes me wonder if there are people who specifically don't vote for people who don't read and comment?), I'd be surprised if I'm not gone in the next two weeks.

Perhaps that is grim and a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I know I'm not a good enough writer to win. I don't have richly developed worlds, clever twists, and unique turns of phrase in my head like a lot of these folks in the top 100 do. I have Dinosaur Comics and Danny Wallace in my head. And my "comedy" stuff doesn't seem to go over that well (unless I'm pretending to be a T-Rex, and he already got voted off, SO THERE YOU GO.)

I don't take it personally, though. It depends on what speaks to people on a given week, how they're feeling when they read, how much they've already read, even good stuff gets buried under the SPECTACULAR stuff, and we are definitely down to the spectacular wire.

That was way more musing on LJI than I expected to do.

I went to Trader Joe's today, for the first time in Texas! I've been to one in North Carolina before, but never one in Texas. There's been one in Dallas THE WHOLE TIME, I just forget it exists because I'm so used to not going.

I picked up a small thing of their AMAZING HONEY YOGURT SO GOOD HOLY SHIT. And they sell it in giant tubs??? I should not buy that because I would eat the whole thing like ice cream.

Second day of gluten free. It's surprisingly not hard. I feel like once I joined that first Diet Bet and decided "Fuck it, we're doing this," I haven't really been tempted by stuff like I usually feel tempted when I make a lukewarm decision to lose weight. I'm starting to get to that point where I remember why eating whole foods feels better than eating crap, but it's like that motivation alone is never enough to do it, I need to start with the "weight loss" thing. I know eating right is the quickest and safest way to lose weight, and with the eating right comes the clearer, happier head. I hope the lack of gluten helps me along with the "clearer" part.


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