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Finally got my LJI entry to read!

Diet Bet update: I'm now participating in four bets, and weight-wise, I'm down nearly 10 pounds. I can already feel the difference from carrying around less weight. That is the motivation beyond the money - being able to MOVE without it being a huge friggen' deal. Also, my "routine foods" are getting yummier every day, the less sugar I eat (even though I had that "bad day" a few days ago, I think I've totally made up for it.)

I did some "sway" today, a Hoop Path exercise that basically involves blindfolded warming up in a gradual way, in whatever way feels good to you. I'm thinking of filming a sway session because it's one of my very favorite hoop exercises, and it doesn't even involve the hoop at all.

In Etsy sales news, I've sold over 90 hoops this month. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In ONE MONTH!!! It took me nearly an ENTIRE YEAR to sell that many hoops last year. This is CRAZY BUT AWESOME. This is also the first month where I've broken $2,000 in revenue! Of course, only about 40% of that is profit, BUT STILL.

Misty is coming over tomorrow to help me make hoops. I'm officially "hiring" her, even though I can't pay her a whole ton quite yet...but I will need someone trained who knows how to tape by the time the holidays roll around, and it needs to be someone I get along with. I'm really excited. I can't wait to have an "employee" to help me out. I think it will make my days much less boring, too, having someone to talk to.


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