Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

General Updates

I wore myself out pretty hard yesterday, and now I've spent the bulk of today staring at walls and doing next to nothing.

I got up early (cat woke me up) and decided to go ahead and do my run to get it out of the way. Then I packed up all of the hoops I had ready to go and took them to the post office. It already felt like a full day and it wasn't even noon yet.

I had three different people pick up hoops from me yesterday, which meant I had to pay attention to the time and also work really hard not to mix up who was getting which hoops. Mailing hoops is SO much easier.

Green made us lunch, and after lunch I got to work making more hoops...I worked on hoops the whole rest of the day. I finally called it quits after 9 PM.

So today I'm kind of burnt out...I have things I probably COULD do, like put a video together or work on my LJI entry (which I did a little, slowly plodding through that), but instead I'm browsing Pinterest and looking at pictures of quilts. Go figure.

Maybe I should just let myself feel blah for a little while and see if I'm motivated to get back on the horse in an hour or so.

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