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Driftless Pony Club and Other Ramblings

Last night, Megan and I went to see Driftless Pony Club (WheezyWaiter's band) perform in Dallas. The venue they played in was this insanely small coffee shop that was part of a much larger building where people actually rent out apartment spaces, so they got several noise complaints.

Which ended up being pretty hilarious, because they kept trying to play quieter to appease the complaints, ending with the last song where the drummer was gesticulating wildly but barely striking his drums, and Craig encouraged the audience to whisper-sing along. :)

I'm in their tour video from today!

In other news, I hit 1,000 YouTube subscribers today which is crazy-go-nuts. I was nearly there, but then Deanne Love, a popular "HoopTuber" promoted one of my tutorials and got a rush of subscribers that pushed me over the edge.

Actually seeing the number "1" followed by a comma and three more digits is BLOWING MY FRIGGEN' MIND. It doesn't feel real...but it feels awesome at the same time. I feel like I should do right by my subscribers and actually make more dang content. And having ONE THOUSAND subscribers makes me feel like my channel is more legit than it was just 25 subs ago.

I know intellectually that it's just an arbitrary number that feels special because of its roundness, and it really doesn't mean much, but it feels I've really achieved something. I started this channel a little over two years ago (after four or five years of plugging away half-heartedly at another channel), and even though I've been pretty inconsistent in posting, I try to post at least SOMETHING every month, more frequently if I get off my ass. Once again proving to myself that doing things, even occasionally and sometimes half-assedly, yields more fruit than thinking about doing something perfectly ever will.

I'm super tired right now because we just hosted an Imaginary Camp party, our first of hopefully monthly gatherings in an effort to spend more time together despite the fact that we all live far apart. Green and I cleaned the house up pretty dang good, and I'm grateful for it because now I can work on more detail cleaning (baseboards, windows, dealing with cobwebs, etc.) and feel less overwhelmed by the crazy clutter. I can work on building maintenance habits. I'm starting to feel a little less overwhelmed and my self-loathing is diminishing. Habit RPG is insanely useful for keeping on track with this stuff.

ANYWAY, I feel like this post was pretty rambly and disjointed and not that interesting to anyone other than future me, but I'm pretty dang exhausted and hadn't posted yet today. So here it is. :) 21 days in a row, so far so good!

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