Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face


Yesterday, I made two HIGHLY ADULT PURCHASES.

First, I bought one of those wax melting scent warmer thingums. I thought they were stupid at first when you could just buy candles, they seemed like a cash buy the warmer and then you're constantly buying the little wax doodads. But our house is so small and poorly ventilated that any time we burn incense or light a candle, the smoke gets ERRYWHERE, so I figured if nothing else, it would make our house smell good without adding shit to the air.

So I splurged on one of those yesterday.

BUT THEN. I also bought us...


Our toilet seat has been broken for probably a year. Every time we sit down to pee or shit, we have to do this little butt dance to make sure the thing doesn't go flying off while we're sitting on it. It embarrasses me when people come over and I'm like, "BE CAREFUL OUR TOILET SEAT IS BROKEN."

Well, NOW IT ISN'T, BITCHES. Not only that, it's PINK, too! :)

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