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Does it feel like Facebook seems to lend itself to more drama-laden posts? Is it because everyone and their grandmother uses it? Is it because it's somehow become the Facebook Standard to make posts in absolutes? These are genuine questions I seems like every time I spend any amount of time on there, even just a quick scan of my feed, I come back from it angry.

Recently, a local hooper had an expensive LED hoop stolen out of her car. She got a lot of shitty comments like, "WHY WOULD YOU SPEND $300 ON A HULA HOOP??? THAT'S DUMB." She also had this one troll who wouldn't let go of the fact that her car doors wouldn't lock (a mechanical issue) so she shouldn't have been keeping expensive equipment in there, anyway.

Now, personally, as a fellow hooper, I probably wouldn't have worried about my LED hoop sitting in an unlocked car because 90% of the population doesn't realize how valuable they are, wouldn't be able to recognize it was an LED hoop anyway, and would discount it and go for a purse or stereo or GPS or something like that. (Not that I'd leave any of that shit in an unlocked car, but whatever.) It's weird that it got stolen, but he WOULD NOT let go of the "lock your car doors" thing even after a butt ton of people were like, "Dude, we get it, you're not helping."

But she also had a bunch of people encourage her to set up a fund raiser to replace it. She was reluctant at first, but so many people wanted to contribute and were providing her links and information on sites where she could easily set one up that she caved and went for it.

She earned $400 in two hours. Then someone she used to work with came on and told her she was a disgusting cunt for demanding people give her money to buy a new toy when there are starving people in the world.

I mean, I can't even. I'm not going to spend any time talking about how STUPID that is, and she carried on insisting it was wrong even AFTER the fact that she was talked into the fundraiser.

Now, this girl has over 4,000 people as "friends", and my first thought is that if she's getting that much negativity, she needs to do a serious friends cull and clear some of that toxic shit out. But my other thought was how EASY it was for that shit to breed on Facebook, and how quick everyone was to spew negativity back and forth.

I mean, I could very easily be looking at this through rose-colored glasses. I KNOW there have been plenty of times when crazy unnecessary drama broke out on LJ, where trolls got out of hand, etc. But it seems like it was a little bit easier to control, or at least manage...I don't know, it could just seem safer now because less people are here. But even when it was bad, it wasn't like I feared reading my FL because it would be full of people being shitty, the drama happened on off-days. I could just be misremembering, though.

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