Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Another Day, Another Not a Lot To Say

I feel like at the beginning of the month, I had an unusual amount of outings that made it seem like I do more than I really do, which isn't much. So I've been at something of a loss for what to post about today.

Not doing things is good, it gives me time to re-assess and work on finding a schedule of some sort again. I'm getting back into the habit I'd formed of doing the dishes every day (that went off the rails during Flipside), and I completed week one of the Zombies, Run! app (like couch to 5K but with more zombies), due in large part to Habit RPG.

I've also been reading a lot of Unfuck Your Habitat advice, as recommended by kitsuny, in an effort to feel like maybe my space will get clean someday. Right now, I'm focusing on the kitchen. I've finally caught up with dishes (as in, done all the ones that were stacked up from the big hunk of time where I did not do any dishes), and I've been setting a timer for 20 minutes each night to do dishes, and any little extra kitchen cleaning in the time remaining.

My next big kitchen goals are to clean the stove and clean out the fridge. I'd also like to get in the habit of sweeping daily and mopping regularly, but I'm going to keep going with the doing the dishes thing a little while longer before trying to add new tasks.

I've added "clean the catbox" and "take out the trash" to my Habit RPG daily tasks, to be done twice a week, as a next step. I feel like building these habits of upkeep slowly and building-block style is the way to do it. I hope it works. So far the kitchen feels better, not being full of dirty dishes.

Anyway, given that this post has largely been about my kitchen, I think I'll end it here.

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