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Business Thinks

One of my biggest challenges is running a home business is carrying it out in such a way that I don't feel sleazy. It's pretty difficult, especially as my audience grows.

I go through many, many lazy lulls...though it's been argued to me that I shouldn't call myself lazy. In my "laziness" I'm sewing bunches of quilt blocks instead of editing video, it's just that the video stuff is vaguely more profitable and consistent with my business.

I have a hard time staying consistent, but I also don't want to constantly be going, "Dudes, dudes, buy my shit, dudes!" I mean, maybe if I did that, I'd feel a little better about it. I guess I don't like doing anything that's blatantly salesy but that's trying to not be salesy? I'd rather be blatant or nothing at all. (IE: Buy my shit, dudes!) I prefer "Buy my shit" to "Father's Day is coming up! Make his day by getting him a fun new hula hoop!" Because who the fuck is like, "Oh, yes! My dad would like a hula hoop." I hate stuff like that, and I don't want to do it in my own business.

I know if I did stuff like that and worked on sales pitches and vamped up my Facebook page and forced myself to get a regular website going and consistently posted shit to said Facebook page and website, I'd get a lot more sales. I know for a fact that if I vlogged more consistently, I'd get a lot more sales. I don't know why it's so hard for me to do that...vlogging is the least sleazy thing I feel like I do for my business.

I love vloggers who have businesses because I feel like I really get to know the person behind the business, so I feel like I'm supporting them more than just buying a product, and I hope that comes across in my videos, too.

I keep wanting to challenge myself to make two videos a week, but I get stuck...I know people want tutorials and I'd prefer to just vlog. I feel like maybe I should film a bunch of tutorials all at once, edit them over the course of a couple of weeks, and then just release them here and there in between vlogs. It would mean a couple of weeks of intense work, but the reward would be that I don't have to worry about tutorials for a while. That would be nice.

Anyway. I'm perfectly fine with my business growing slowly and with hiccups as I figure out what I'm comfortable with doing and what I'm less comfortable with doing. I'm panicking a little now because my sales have dropped off after being really, really busy for a few weeks, but I also know I've been lazy, not posting videos, and the slew of orders came in on the tail end of VEDA where I was posting a lot. It's just a matter of reminding people I still exist, I guess.

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