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For today's post, I'm going to copy and paste a bunch of shit I've said on Facebook so that it's saved for posterity over here.

I've been mildly obsessed with quilts the past month or so, browsing Pinterest and pinning a butt ton of quilts that caught my eye. I've been posting my progress on making actual quilts to Facebook because I wanted some feedback, so here are my quilt posts as I've made them (with pictures!)

May 19th:

I have been wanting to give quilting a try for about a year now, and this weekend, I decided to go for it. I made a mini-quilt (cat for size reference). I don't have any fancy measuring or cutting equipment, so it's pretty wonky, and the binding is a steaming pile of shit, but I MADE A DAMN QUILT. I'm pretty pumped about this.


June 8th

I found a decently priced cutting board and rotary cutter on Craigslist, I got both for under $30! The cutter could probably use a new blade, but I didn't want to drop a bunch of money if I decide quilting sucks balls.

Anyway, I played around with a more complicated block and actually making it even instead of crazy-go-nuts wonky. I think I did a decent job!


Today (June 10th)

MOAR QUILT BLOCKS. I ran to JoAnn's yesterday because I wanted a little bit of purple fabric to throw into the mix of the (mostly green) colors I already have, and they were having one of those fabled 50% off sales, so instead of getting two little quarters, I got FOUR, BWAHAHAHAH.

Anyway, I'm making blocks as they strike my interest and not worrying too much about size. I figure when I have enough of them, I can fill in the empty spaces with strips of fabric.

The little tiny block was an experiment in playing with the triangles I had left over from the first block I made (upper right).


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