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The Day Before

I'm going to officially start the 30 day posting challenge thing tomorrow. Almost done with the FL cut, which has been pretty dang depressing...journals of friends purged, or just empty because every entry had been deleted. Journals of close friends who hadn't updated in years, but I couldn't bring myself to delete. And the common theme of most recent entries starting with, "It's been a while..."

But every so often, a journal will have recent entries about something other than the seemingly slow death of LJ. And there's LJI, which is still a bustling community where your comments get replies, and people still gather.

And looking back over the past few years, I haven't been quite as bad at posting as I seem to think I was.

LJ's still here. It's not what it used to be and it never will be, but it's still a good service, and those of us who keep trying might just need to redefine what it is and how we use it.

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