Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Friends Cut

I am doing, for the first time in my Livejournal's long and illustrious history, a friends cut.

My criteria is largely, who has made a post in the past three years? I'm thinking of doing a 30 Day LJ challenge, where I post every day for 30 days, because despite how many people are jumping ship, I still feel that LJ has the best platform for actually recording things you want to remember and keep track of. No other site has such good record keeping functionalities, at least that I have found.

If I cut you and you don't want to be cut, remind me of how we know each other and I will add you back (maybe you don't post but you occasionally read).

If you would also like to do the 30 Day Posting Challenge with me, that would be awesome. I miss LJ.

And I paid an ass-ton for a permanent account back in the day. So.

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