Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

LJ Idol - Week 8 - "The Kingdom of Yesand"

It started when Billy Rosland's horse threw a shoe.

Which wouldn't be strange at all, except in the kingdom of Yesand, none of the horses wore shoes.

Billy Rosland took his limping horse to Yesand's blacksmith, Mr. Wayland.

"My horse needs a new shoe," Billy explained, gesturing to his horse's unclad hoof.

"Huh," Mr. Wayland said, examining said hoof. "No, I don't know how to make a horseshoe."

"How can you not know how to make a horseshoe? You're a blacksmith. Blacksmiths make horseshoes."

"Sure, probably some do, in places where horses actually need shoes. But everyone knows the terrain in Yesand is perfect for horses, so they have no need for shoes."

Billy rolled his eyes. He did not live in Yesand, he'd merely been passing through when the shoe throwing occurred.

"Well, is there anyone around here who might be able to help me?"

Mr. Wayland thought about that. "Why don't you check in with Mrs. Cradle, she keeps the stables around here."

Billy nodded, and set off toward the Yesand stables.

Mrs. Cradle didn't actually like horses, but she took care of them because if she didn't, nobody else would. And if there was one thing Mrs. Cradle liked less than horses, it was the idea of trying to figure out where to bury a bunch of horse corpses.

"No, I'm sorry, I can't help you," she told Billy Rosland. "None of our horses wear shoes."

Billy shook his head. "I don't understand how this is possible."

"Well, the terrain here is perfect for horse hooves, but also, horseshoes are so unsightly. Better to be free and untethered!"

(She said this even though she didn't really care if the horses felt free and untethered or not.)

"Well," Billy said, getting quite frustrated now, "Is there anywhere else I could get a horseshoe made?"

Mrs. Cradle nodded. "Yes."

Billy waited for her to say more. When she didn't, he said, "WHERE?"

"Oh," Mrs. Cradle seemed to remember they were having a conversation. "Across the street, in the kingdom of Nobut."

Billy looked across the street. A large wooden sign read, "WELCOME TO NOBUT!" Right next to the sign stood the Nobut Horseshoery.

"Um," he said, thoroughly confused by his whereabouts, wishing he'd just stayed home today. "Thanks."

He trotted his horse across the street to the Nobut Horseshoery.

"Excuse me," he said to the clerk behind the counter. "I've had a very trying day, and I'm hoping you can help me. I just want to buy a horseshoe. One simple horseshoe. Do you have any for sale?"

The clerk smiled and nodded with enthusiasm. "Yes!" He said. "And, they're on sale today for half off!"

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