Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

LJ Idol Ethics Quandary

Say there is a contestant you don't enjoy reading. They're not a bad writer, and they seem to do well in the polls, but you personally do not like their writing style. In every season you've played, you've consistently failed to enjoy their pieces. You leave them to read last because you aren't looking forward to struggling through their entry.

Would you continue to read their stuff for the sake of completion/fairness in the polls/the chance they'd surprise you? Or would you give yourself permission to skip?

ETA: This is not by any means meant to slander anyone specifically. In a writing contest this diverse, everyone is bound to have contestants they love and contestants they could do without. I don't at all doubt that plenty of people fail to get excited about my own entries.

I'm genuinely curious how other players would handle this issue because it will help me make an informed decision on what I should do.

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