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It would appear that if I click "Restore From Draft", that makes the post button work. GOOD TO KNOW, will keep that in mind.

While I'm here, I may as well plug that LJ Idol Season 9 is gearing up to start. Sign-ups are on March 3rd, also this is the last season, so if you're around, reading this, and have ever wanted to participate, now's your last chance. Or then, in the future, is your last chance. Since you can't sign up yet.

ANYWAY, speaking of writing...I am working on revising my llama novel, which is laughable because I haven't actually picked it up and worked on it since my previous post about revising it. What I've been doing instead is taking some Holly Lisle courses and doing exercises and reading my first Stephen King book (The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, if you're interested, I picked that one because I got a big stack of his books and it was the shortest so I figured I'd start with a gentle toe dip).

My intention for this llama book, once revised, is to shop it to agents/publishers/etc., and get to work on revising some of my other more coherent drafts. But Holly is a big proponent of self-publishing and makes some excellent points about slowly building a brand. STILL, there is that kid in me that wants to see my name in print on a book someone put their stamp of approval on, sitting on a bookstore shelf.

Honestly, it's probably too early in the game to really be thinking about any of this, I should revise first, get a saleable product available, and THEN think about how I want to sell said thing.

My husband (and several friends) like to call me a published author because I self-published the Xlormp books. And while I do still occasionally get the random ten bucks from Lulu for it, that just doesn't count as "published" to me. To me, a "published author" is someone who has earned the respect of enough people who know what they're doing to trust that printing a butt ton of copies of said author's book might be a good idea. It's a badge of honor I'd really like to earn, a personal life-achievement to unlock, if you will.

Anyway, like I said, it really doesn't matter, I should finish the thing before I worry if someone's going to buy it or not. And honestly, I don't see the harm in shopping it around a bit and getting feedback. If someone buys it, great, if not, I have the choice to do what I want with it. Once I'm done with this version of the book, I don't have any more plans for the characters anyway.


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