Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Why must you hurt me, LJ?

So remember (but probably you don't) a billion years ago when I was trying to post to my LJ but the "post to journal" button was all greyed out so I couldn't and I had to resort to Semagic instead?

Well, when I went and posted a few days ago, that one first post in ages, the button WORKED again. And I thought, OH, HOW WONDERFUL IT IS TO BE ABLE TO POST STRAIGHT FROM LJ.

Well, now it's not working again. It worked for all of ONE POST.

When it happened the first time, I tried to see if upgrading my viewing style would fix it (because I'm still on Dystopia). It didn't. I tried to see if using LJ from *shudder* IE would fix it. It didn't. I tried to see if contacting LJ directly and telling them about the problem would fix it. It didn't.

SOOOOOO....if I want to keep up this whole LJ reconnection thing, I guess I'm going to have to stick with Semagic. Or finally give in to the changes LJ has made, because maybe it would require being out of Dystopia for more than five minutes to fix. Or maybe it's just a sign that LJ is, actually, dying.

I hope not, but I certainly haven't done much to save it myself. Eventually, I'd like to think that these posts will be about more than just "Back in the day, LJ worked and was great!" HOPEFULLY THAT WILL HAPPEN.

I'm challening myself to post every day, or at least post when I get a comment on one of my posts (or a response to a comment I left on someone else's post), thus dropping me on the site again.

Does anyone else have this greyed out post button issue? I know I asked lo those many moons ago when it first happened and I clearly didn't get any satisfactory responses. Oh well.

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