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Shouts into the nebulous void that is my LJ....

Oh hey, LJ, how have you been? I've been missing you hardcore recently, particularly due to the large amount of lame that has been Facebook, what with everyone's posts being re-posts of memes and platitudes and crap like that. I feel like shaking my fist in the air and hollering, "THIS NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED ON LIVEJOURNAL!" Though I've been absent for so long that who knows, it probably is happening here, too.

Anyway, guess what, Livejournal? I'm actually REVISING A NOVEL. Like, actually taking the time to do re-writes on something I previously wrote. Technically you could say that the entire "first draft" I'm in the process of revising is a re-write, though. I'm not sure how much I've told you directly, Livejournal (or how much you gleaned already from the Facebooks), but I decided to re-write my llama trilogy (with a plot this time) for NaNoWriMo this past November.

Before, I had this huge tome of 150,000+ words that were totally silly and meaningless and full of useless filler with no real plot, but after a mere EIGHT YEARS of thinking about it, I was able to come up with an actual plot that I liked for the story, thus salvaging it. And in November, I wrote it. And in January, I finished it. And now, I am fixing it.

I legit want to make this worthy of submitting to Official People Who Put Books In Print. It is a thing I'd really like to do, if for no other reason than to honor kid-me who just wanted to be an author like Ann M. Martin when she grew up, because it's sill that I haven't done this yet. I'm practically thirty. I can do this, dang it!

I've studied more about story structure and how to tell stories and how to revise in the past five months than I ever have before in my writing career, and it's been very useful information, and I feel like I might actually have a decent, semi-saleable product on my hands, or at least I will when it's finished. I feel motivated and all that good stuff.

I miss you, Livejournal. I hope you're well.

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